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11 H20-Racers

On-the-Water Workshops

Offered as single morning or afternoon classes, qualified instructors lead courses in anchoring, docking, overboard procedures, and boat operation on various skill levels. There’s even an afternoon race with trophy awards at dinner. Space is extremely limited so be sure to register early!


Land-Based Workshops

Experienced and enthusiastic instructors offer dry-land classes during two morning and two afternoon sessions. New courses this year include Basic Nav Rules and Bowlines, Maintenance Mania, How to Heave a Line, and DIY Canvas Basics. Consult the event brochure for detailed descriptions.


Logo Merchandise

We offer an apparel and accessory line featuring this years convention logo. Some items this year include a V-neck T-Shirt with 3/4 sleeves, a two-layer fleece bonded soft-shell jacket and sporty accent-trimmed polo. Check out the event brochure and registration form for further details. Please pre-order by January 21st!